We recognize the importance of oral health and dental care the reputation in Cosmetic Surgery of our hospital. To complete your ideal beauty, cosmetic dentistry will fulfill the perfection of your face apart from cosmetic surgery. You will feel confident to communicate with your good oral health and lively smile.

         When we enjoy consuming and tasting delicious food by chewing thoroughly, our stomach can digest easier. Then our small intestine will absorb nutrient food, this system will complete the fully functional of digestion, leaving your body glowing with good health and skin radiant without taking any supplement.

         We would like to see your beautiful face with perfect smile from excellent oral and dental health, good mouth structure and functional, fine white strong teeth, without decayed teeth and undesirable breath. We’ve designed our Cosmetic Dentistry department combined with 4 dental units, safety and sterilized operating room for oral and maxillofacial surgery, fully dental equipped, performed by dental specialists. Open daily 10.00-20.00