Dental Floss

How to Dental Floss Most Effectively

Many think that dental flossing is simply a waste of time. Though many dentists consider dental flossing to be just as essential as brushing, many people go months, even years without dental flossing. Truly, “not flossing is like washing your hands without getting between the fingers”. The dental flossing process is really not difficult, it just requires commitment. Follow these steps consistently to dental floss unpleasant bacteria out from between your teeth.

Choose the Best Type of Dental Floss for You

There are many types of dental floss that you can utilize to clean in between your teeth! Traditional floss is string-like and either waxed (for those with narrow gaps between their teeth) or non-waxed.

Pick a Daily Time to Floss and Stick To It

The most dedicated flossers choose to floss after every meal! Most people should at least floss once a day to maintain proper dental hygiene. Many dentists agree that before bed is the most beneficial time to floss, because it protects your teeth from plaque while you are sleeping.