Our Facility

Oral health and beauty is our concerned. The quality of dental treatment and cosmetics has performed by our teams who are well-known dentists. They work with ultramodern of dental instruments and equipments under control by sterile technique and hygienic system. Moreover we offer modern dental materials and new ways to create more pleasing and natural looking smile.

Our facilities including:
1. Luxury dental unit

We provide 4 dental units which special design and very latest technological developments provides all embracing practicality and performance, each unit is superlative comfort for dentist, assistant, and patient. Make you fell relax.

2. Monitor for communication

Each dental unit has an intraoral camera with a monitor, an innovative dental instrument which provides convenience by clearly showing pictures of teeth, X-ray films, including illustrations about the treatment.

      An intra – oral camera is a small camera attached to a pen-sized holder. The dentist can easily insert and magnify the image inside your mouth to the 40x, shown in illustrations which are easy to understand. It does not only help dentists to diagnose, but also let the patients clearly understand their oral health by seeing closely inside their mouths.

3. X-ray

We have high-speed digital x-ray equipment which can record both images of the whole mouth and individual tooth. It is designed to reduce x-ray by using a microprocessor to identify an accurate area to record the best image with safety and time saving. Our high-speed digital x-ray equipment has many more functions, including;

  • Ability to adjust lightness and clarity of the images
  • Ability to differentiate bones and tissues
  • Can record and mark on the images
  • Reduced duplication of pictures
4. Modern operating theater

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital has 4 multi-purposed operating theaters with a 10000-class sterile system. They are the hearts of the hospital as we concern about each steps in building the. We use the products from a German company, ‘Hospital Technique’ (http:// www. hospitaltechnik.de/). The ventilating system in the theater must through HEPA filter system which can filter 99.99% dust and germs.

Moreover, we provide high technology, high quality, clean and safety of dental instruments, equipment and materials. So our dental specialists can take care and give you the best treatment.

5. Luxury Lobby / Waiting area

Elegant style and peaceful ambience for valued clients, more space and chair's free complementary drinking water while waiting for your turn.

6. Relaxing music

A smooth song together with peaceful ambience will make patients feel more relax.

7. Books & magazine

Keep up to date with new magazines.

8. Internet WIFI

Free 30 Mbps wireless internet connection around the hospital to use 24 hours a day.

9. Coffee & Drinking water

We provide free coffee and drinking water all time staying at our hospital.

10. Patient Education Brochure

We serve you an education brochure to educate patients about oral and dental health. So you can take care and get a beautiful smile by yourself.

Moreover, we also concern about every details which chosen for our valued customer.

Dental specialists

We provide Dental specialists in various dental fields such as Orthodontists, Dental Implant Specialists, Oral Surgery, General Dentistry, etc. We would like to take care of every patient’s oral problem and make you get beautiful confident smile.

Sterilization System

The Cosmetic Dentistry of Kamol Cosmetic Hospital, we recognize the importance of oral health care, check-up and treatment. Our Dental Specialists will take care of you pre and post treatment care, together with high technology, high quality, clean and safety of dental instruments, equipment and materials.


We provide a big lobby and VIP Room decorating with elegance and peaceful ambience for valued clients. Our polite staffs are always there to help you. They will inform and take care of you closely.